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Pharmacy Tech Training Programs

A prerequisite for any pharmacy technician training one must have a High School diploma or GED.

The time it can take to become a pharmacy technician usually takes anywhere from 6 months to 4 years depending if one take a associates degree or a bachelors degree to further ones career.

While in training, courses are taught that usually go over mathematics, chemistry and statistics .

Instructions on proper drug preparation, dispensation and correct dosage as well as drug interactions, proper labeling and  the appropriate explanations of prescription drug to individuals.

Courses go over the most common illnesses and diseases and how best to treat them with the proper medication that can be bought which does not require an over the counter prescription.

Once completed the program and have been certified by the national pharmacy board, then it’s on to the work force or a  new employer.

Be it in a hospital, grocery store, or the local pharmacy you will become part of the ever growing community of pharmacy technicians.